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Corporate Income Tax Incentives

These incentives vary by state.  In Georgia, below is a list of the most lucrative incentives:

Job Tax Credit
Military Zone Credit
Opportunity Zone Credit
Research Tax Credit
Retraining Tax Credit
Port Activity Tax Credit
Film Tax Credits
Quality Jobs Credit
Historic Rehabilitation Credits

Manufacturer's Incentives

In addition to the corporate income tax incentives, there are additional incentives available only to manufacturers:

Chatham County Capital Improvement Exemption
Sales tax exemption on energy
Manufacturer’s Investment Tax Credit




Discretionary Incentives

If your company is opening a new facility or significantly expanding an existing location, many states offer discretionary incentives that can be negotiated based on the level of expansion and investment.  These types of incentives may include the following:

Property tax exemptions
State grants
License fee waivers

We can help your company analyze the differences between two state incentive packages and determine which state may work best for your company.

Location Services

Many of the best state incentives are based on the physical location of your business.  If your company is considering opening or relocating into GA or another state, we can help you determine what incentives are available for any potential location BEFORE you make the site selection.

The most lucrative incentives are located within the following zones (click for map):

Military Zones
Opportunity Zones
Less Developed Census Tracts
Enterprise Zones